About Us



BVL TV Studios is a commercial and film production studio offering high-quality video production and post-production. Since 2018, our talented, award-winning team has been designing productions and shooting them on time and on budget. 

We have a passion for film making, real-world sensibilities and a talent for coming up with creative solutions to the most challenging requests.  We offer post-production and can deliver your project polished and ready for air, packed for projection, or streaming on the web. 



We offer 4K Digital/2K Digital/HD production & post-production services for:

- Feature films
- Documentary films
- Short films
- Commercials
- Corporate/Industrial videos
- Music videos
- Reality T.V. Show
- Live Event

We also offer our clients services for:

- Motion Graphics & Visual Effects - 3D and 2D Modeling, Animation, and Compositing

- Graphic Design Solutions - Advertising Package Design, Logo Design, Illustration, and Airbrushing

- Photography - Advertising, Head Shots, Live Event, and Personal.

Our production team is reliable, hardworking and highly experienced and knowledgeable in the film industry. We have a large array of professionals available to use that will allow your project to have the best production quality possible. 



GREEN / WHITE SCREEN  STUDIO.  We offer professional, film and multi-media production services; film production; photography; film editing;  photography; photography studio rentals and film studio rental services. BVL TV Studios has a state-of-the-art 1,400 sq ft green and white screen Infinity Wall Studios, BVL TV  specializes in working with individuals and organizations on a limited budget.

In addition, BVL TV has a huge state and local Network that can be used to maximize video reach and views. BVL TV Studios offers effective and affordable social media targeted video advertising with thousands of views AND multi-level technical support services for independent photographers and filmmakers.